Do You Have a Repellent Pitch?

Repellent Pitch

How to know if you are coming off too strong

An overly aggressive pitch can have the same effect as trying to kiss someone with bad breath.  Not only does your audience back up, they often turn away and you lose any potential interest that they may have had if your pitch was delivered more delicately.

Unlike bad breath, a repellent pitch needs more than a breath mint to fix.  Here is how to know if you have a repellent pitch.

How to Know

A true friend will tell you when you need to freshen up your breath or tone down your pitch, but a stranger may just turn and walk away into the abyss.  Figuring out the offensiveness of your pitch before you start is the key to avoid losing future potential customers.  Here are four ways you can detect if your pitch is as repellent as bug spray:

–          It Would Repel You:  Everyone responds differently to a sales pitch, but how would you respond to a similar pitch directed at yourself?  Be honest and put yourself in your customers’ shoes.  This simple step is often overlooked, but don’t make that mistake.

–          The Quick Close:  Unless you are trying to con someone, a pitch should be your first step in working up to a desired conclusion, it shouldn’t include the conclusion.  Getting something out of every interaction is vital, but trying to be a car salesman who sells a BMW in 5 minutes isn’t realistic and will push more customers away than bring new ones in.  Are you jumping the gun instead of nurturing a new lead/prospect?

–          Bored to Death:  A repellent pitch isn’t always offensive, sometimes it’s just plain boring.  Are you noticing that halfway through someone has their head in the clouds already?  You may have a very weak and uninteresting introduction or you may be explaining technical aspects of your business that someone outside of your expertise doesn’t understand.  Either way, an introduction needs to be quick and interesting without including technical jargon.  If the person cannot easily understand and relate with you, you will lose them quickly.

–          Lack of Response: There are people who just aren’t interested, but if you are seeing no replies to any of your follow-up communications, your message didn’t communicate properly with them.  You should always be working on improving the effectiveness of your pitch, but if you aren’t getting any responses, it may need a complete overhaul.  If you think the lack of response it simply due to your product/service, start trying to create relationships and build a network without directly trying to pitch your product.  Gain as much information as possible and your audience will usually show you the proper way to market to them.  Ask questions and collect information while building relationships.

Oh No! My Pitch is Repelling!

If you have a repellent pitch, get to work!  Start writing down your pitch and figure out what is repelling your audience.  Are you coming off too boring, too strong, trying to close too soon, or would even yourself be offended by your pitch?

Figure it out and fix it before you repel any other future customers away.  One pitch that can never fail is just being yourself and talking with people.  Try not selling and get to know as many people as possible.  The time will come when you can safely sell to them without scaring them away.

Now go out there and start pitching, just make sure to freshen up your pitch, and your breath.


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