Go Pitch Yourself: Putting On The Red Light For Your Business

Selling Yourself for the Sake of Credibility and Respect.

Red Light Blog

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Show what you’ve got and sell yourself. This is the secret to establishing credibility and respect.

Seems kind of ironic though. How is this supposed to work for anyone outside of the red-light district?

Logically, this shouldn’t apply for business, right? Wrong. In fact, flaunting what you’ve got specifically applies to business. Business is all about reputation and selling yourself as the credible source and right person for a job. Flaunting your knowledge, expertise, and successes is the key to establishing credibility and earning respect.

Have you ever applied for a job? If you have ever created a resume or gone on an interview, you highlighted yourself in the way that best fit the job or role for which you were applying. If the position required someone with financial expertise to join a national team, you most likely emphasized your experience with managing numbers or large accounts and shared how you’re a great team player. This is an example of showing off what makes you better than anyone else. That’s selling yourself.

So now that you’ve come to terms with the fact you’ve actively sold yourself at some point and even in exchange for money (hopefully you got the gig and are now getting paid!), how do you feel about yourself now? Don’t worry, we’ve all done it. Selling yourself isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as you’re doing it the right way.

Pitching is no exception. Actually, if there was ever a time to flaunt what you’ve got, an elevator pitch is it.

When pitching, you only have a few seconds to intrigue someone else with your business, product, or service. But why should anyone listen to you? Establishing credibility is a vital part of your pitch. Sell why YOU are the right person and why YOU are the expert in the situation. Selling yourself becomes an immediate way to establish credibility for your pitch and to prevent your audience from becoming skeptical. In some cases, if you feel that your own successes are not strong enough to create authority with your pitch, then your passion, the quality of the product/service, or the longevity of a company can be other ways to generate desired credibility.

However, it is important to keep in mind that to establish credibility, you need to identify what accolades, experience, or capabilities significantly relate to the situation or your pitch. Don’t try to cram in everything you’ve ever done or you will come off as a know-it-all and egotistical, and people will immediately tune you out. The purpose of highlighting yourself in a pitch is to identify you or your company as the expert so they believe you know what you are talking about. Save your life story for another time.



Selling yourself the right way is the best way you can gain immediate respect. If you can explain to someone else that you, your company, service or product is the best option, then you become a credible source. Don’t be afraid to put yourself on display and flaunt what you’ve got. Use your best attributes and assets to help you excel in both business and life.



Published on Yahoo! Voices on April 26, 2013.



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