The Art of the Tease

How to Grab Attention with Your Pitch

What do you think the average attention span is? 1 minute? 30 seconds? 15 seconds? Wait…over here! Are you even paying attention anymore?

As of 2012, the average attention span was only 8 seconds! Can you believe that? You have 8 seconds before your mind starts to wander. That means when it comes down to your elevator pitch, you have no time to waste. Talk about getting down to business! It’s becoming more crucial than ever to be efficient, but efficiency doesn’t matter unless it’s effective. You need to make sure that your pitch can entice people to pay attention in a matter of seconds, but in the right way.

The Importance of AttentionPitch Movie Blog

The harsh reality is that people do judge a book by its cover. If you’re walking through a book or movie store, unless you are intentionally looking for something in particular, what book or movie are you going to pick up? Well duh, the one that looks cool and grabs your attention!

Your pitch is the same way. What is going to make someone interested and want to hear more about what you do, your company, product or service? It’s the attention grabbing hook that will pique their interest and set you on the path for a more detailed conversation in the future.

The objective is to treat your elevator pitch as a teaser. You don’t want to reveal it all at once, but instead want to get their attention and leave them wanting more.

Create a Teaser

The key to creating an enticing pitch is to capture attention at the onset. Make your audience pay attention!

Start with a statement or question that is universal enough for people to understand, but will make you interesting enough to stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s humorous, dramatic, emotional, or serious, find something that will conjure up the appropriate reaction to the purpose of your pitch. Shock someone into remembering what you do, or relate to them with a shared value.  Keep in mind that this has to be quick because you only a few seconds to make an impact.


Remember that your teaser should be followed by a concise and simple pitch. Again, you don’t want to expose everything all at once, but leave the details for later. Your pitch should be just enough to get your point across so someone else can easily remember it and relate it to another person. And hopefully since you captured their attention, they’ll want to share it!


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