Pitching for Beginners: No Experience Needed!

Pizza Pitch blog

So you’ve never pitched before. It seems daunting, huh? Don’t I need to be a salesperson to pitch? Do I need a lot of practice to pitch? No! In fact, you’ve probably already pitched and you don’t even know it.

When was the last time you were hanging out with your friends and you were trying to decide on what movie to see, where to go shopping, or what kind of food to eat? Did you have a preference? Maybe you really wanted pizza but your other friends wanted burgers. Most likely you tried to convince them to get pizza. Maybe you described how deliciously cheesy the pizza would be and that you could all chip in to share a big pie that would be enough to have seconds and even leftovers for later.

Congratulations you’re a pitcher.

Pitching does not require a professional background or years of experience. It simply requires a purpose and passion behind what you are trying to share with someone else. If you’ve ever tried to convince someone of something, attempted to get them to believe what you do, or aimed to change their opinion, then you’ve pitched. To pitch, you simply need to believe in what you are saying, have confidence in yourself, and go!

Pitches can be about something as complex as trying to get an investor for a new solar energy technology, or as simple as getting your friends to agree to pizza. Pitching starts by developing a common point – you and your friends are all hungry – and it then advances to an effort that hopefully garners more interest from the other party, and maybe even agreement. Pitching is that simple.

Just as with any other skill, the more you pitch, the better you become. The more you get used to pitching, the more confident and experienced you will be. The best way to practice pitching is to be conscientious of how you pitch on a regular basis. The next time you’re trying to convince your friends what to eat, be mindful that this is an opportunity to pitch and use it as an experience to develop yourself as a pitcher.


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