Define Your Mission; Goal Setting for Your Sales Pitch

You can’t reach goals that you don’t have.  Goal setting is an important practice that should be applied to your pitch.  Writing down your goals has been shown to greatly increase the likelihood of achieving them.  According to Virginia Tech professor emeritus Dave, people who regularly write down their goals earn nine times as much over their lifetimes as people who don’t.  Before you can write down your goals, you need to come up with them.  Before you shrug this off by thinking that your only goal is to sell your product, think about why you network with people and what you hope to get out of each interaction.

Pitch Goals Image

Here are several examples of goals that might apply to your unique situation:

– Get a sale!

– Setup a phone call

– Setup a meeting

– Referral (ask to be introduced to a contact)

– Give a free trial/session

– Give a business card

– Get their contact information


Pick Your Three

Based on what you are providing to potential customers and what you wish to get out of each interaction, narrow your goals to three.  Pick three things that are valuable to your business and would be reasonable to attempt achieving from a meeting or initial introduction.  Narrowing them down to three is important so you can focus on a successful outcome with each opportunity.


Set Goal Priority

Now that you have your three goals, organize them based on their importance.  Put the most important goal on top and save your least important and most likely the easiest goal to obtain for last.  During each interaction, your top goal is what you will strive for every time.  If your top goal is not achievable, attempt your second goal.  The third goal on your list should be something valuable, but very easy to achieve from every single person or company you come in contact with.

Example – Car Salesman

Three goals – Test drive, sale, give out business card

Goals in order:

1. Sale

2. Test Drive

3. Give Out Business Card

In this example, the sale is the hardest but the most important goal to achieve.  The car salesman will not come right out and ask for a sale, but that is the end goal.  If the salesman concludes that a sale is not likely, he/she will attempt to get at least a test drive out of it, which could lead to a future sale.  If the test drive is not possible or turned down, the new goal is to give the person a business card, which can easily be accomplished during each new connection they make.

Your pitch needs a direction, and you need goals!  Start creating and working towards your goals today!


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