Why ‘Sharing’ is Better Than ‘Selling’; Shift Your Pitch for the Better

There are many reasons why most of us despise ‘sales’ and stay far away from an approaching salesman.  Our views of selling includes cold-calling, prospecting, trying to desperately close a sale with someone who really doesn’t want what your selling, and pressure.  Sales comes with a lot of pressure.  Meeting deadlines, pitching your business to new people, and making a living by relying on someone to want what you are selling to make a living, are just a few of the pressure filled and stressful characteristics of selling.

What if you never had to sell again?  No, you didn’t just win the lottery, you simply need to shift the way you think of sales and the way you approach potential customers.


Sharing is such a kind and pleasant word.  Who doesn’t want to share with others?  We have been taught from an early age that it is polite to share and that we should share as much and as often as possible.  Replace the selling in your life with sharing, and not only will you feel an instant relief and more comfortable when approaching new ‘sales’,but you will see an increase in the effectiveness in your message, gain more information from leads, and likely enjoy an increase in revenue.


How to Share Instead of ‘Sell’

There are no prospects or leads, only new friends.  Each person you come in contact with is a potential new friend for you to share with.  There is no longer pressure of trying to sell. Your new goal is to simply talk to people you come in contact with to share your message and see if you can offer them a solution to a problem that they or someone they know may have.  Sound easy?  It is!


No, sharing is not going to turn everyone into a customer, but the potential that comes with this shift in your approach is tremendous.  If I am approached by a salesman, I am turned off as soon as they make an attempt at a sale that I am not interested in. The same message structured in a different and friendly manner can have surprising results. In a conversation with a new friend, more information can be shared and gathered, giving you the proper information and possibly more than you even expected.  This information can lead to sales, referrals, or just a new business contact that you may be able to utilize in the future.



Due to the vast amount of marketing and advertising thrown at us every day, we are deaf to a lot of the messages that are sent to us.  One thing that we are still open to is pure genuine conversation and relationships.  Work on sharing and building relationships, and you will surely see a change in the way you are received and possibly even see an increase in your overall sales.  Now get out there and start sharing.


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